Case Study

Home Base for a Professional Organization of Physicians

WordPress meets Zoho CRM to support thousands of members in learning, networking and referrals.

Client Needed Tools to Support Learning, Vetting and Networking

Everything I built was an opportunity to improve the user experience and create information-age efficiencies. The new website reduced admin load and improved security.  Here are some of the things I designed:

Membership application that feeds directly into Zoho CRM and creates a review task for admin staff.

Events are products for sale, with different prices for each membership type

Members can auto-update their directory information, including up to 3 business addresses. Admin staff is alerted when a member updates their information.

9 different membership types, each with different prices and access rules

Logo and imagery blends old and new, just like the organization

Stripe is their payment processor, which supports authorize then capture, and lowered their merchant fees

Find a member page powered by Google Maps

When admin staff changes a user's profile in Zoho CRM, it is automatically updated in WordPress

live shipping rates from the UPS API

There is special content only accessible by board members and course teachers, and independent of membership type

Integration of Popular CMS, CRM, eCommerce and Payment Platforms

Normally, these four platforms — WordPress, Zoho CRM, WooCommerce and Stripe are pretty straightforward to integrate. This project had some unusual requirements, however. Every ecommerce transaction had to be manually reviewed before it went through. Luckily, the Stripe API allowed for authorize only transactions, and the funds could be captured for up to seven days. It worked. The platform had enough flexibility to accommodate edge cases, but was still automated enough to reduce administrative staff workload.

User Interface Design and User Flow

user login wireframes

I designed wireframes and user and data flow documents to clarify the integration.