About The Project

The Challenge

This business has good branding; it feels high-touch and high quality, even in this outdated homepage. The website needed usability improvements. Visitors had neither headlines nor calls-to-action to guide them. The home page lacked the right degree of detail; it was a weird combination of vague headlines and super-detailed body text.


Furthermore, the client was investing in Search Engine Marketing (google adwords) but the tools to convert this traffic to email subscribers and/or patients had major usability issues.

  1. Hero Image

Hero images need to tell more of a story.

4. Navigation

Nav bar wraps on wide tablets and looks broken.

2. Headline

We need a Call to Action! Headline is invisible to search.

5. Body Copy

Body copy is SEO-optimized, but it’s too dense.

3. Slider

Dated slider has low user engagement.

6. Footer

Footer is a missed opportunity to show more of what they do via blog.

UX project before

The Solution

Home Page

The new home page is both pared down and jazzed up. I pared it down by removing overly dense text that overwhelmed new visitors. On the other hand, there is more storytelling by imagery, such as the wheel listing treatments. Together, they tell a much more concrete story of what this business does.

I built a modal email sign up window that helps convert visitors to subscribers, and allows visitors to indicate their areas of interest.  The client was already driving traffic through google adwords; our job was to increase conversions.

The main user experience upgrades are a), changing the imagery and text to be optimized for a 3-second visit, and b) the calls to action. Visitors’ cognitive load is greatly decreased because of these improvements.

The footer has more visual interest and leverages the most-often updated section of the site, the blog. That way the home page gets an update whenever a new blog is published, which is important for SEO.

Finally, I love to use testimonials to convey benefits of something in a way that speaks most directly to the visitor.  Before this UX upgrade, testimonials were buried deep in the site.  Now they’re prominent on the home and sidebars of most pages.

UX enhancements

The Solution

Landing Page

The new landing page is now a welcoming place to receive visitors. The form is simplified and bigger. The 3 steps telling what comes next helps guide the visitor’s expectations. Plus, with a rotating testimonials slider, the page speaks to people who are a few steps along the sales cycle. A next step would be to create different flavors of this landing page with content that goes with ad campaigns.